handheld & mobile technology

Adapting to the latest techniques we are able to ensure that our applications can be accessed remotely using portable devices and mobile technology. As demonstrated below our auditing systems are able to send links to the audits / checklists via the 'users' email address or web address. The 'user' benefits from remote access enabling completion of checklists out in the field.

Realtime completion allows the data to be sent directly back to the main application instantly. This ensures there is no delay in receiving crucial information about your assessments.

Utilising PDA style devices such as the IPhone can dramatically speed up your assessment findings and associated follow up. This technology therefore provides you with the ability to take immediate action with areas on non-compliance.

We are also developing methods to save audit/checklist templates to your device to allow seamless operation in areas with poor connectivity.

Data will be saved to the device/memory cards for submission either in stronger signal areas, back at your computer or on return to the office.

Your audit/checklist can be assigned prior to your travel or to staff already out in the field in the UK or overseas.