We at IMS like to ensure we have covered every eventuality for our clients needs. As a result we are able to not only provide hosted solutions managed internally by your own employees but we are also able to offer partial or fully outsourced solutions.

If you are a company looking for a fully outsourced solution, to remove the stresses and strains and indeed resources required to manage your system, we have the facility to provide the complete tailor made package you are looking for.

Utilising experienced qualified consultants we are able to offer you a fully managed risk management solution facilitating the due diligence you require for your business.

Our foresight into our customers requirements ensures that all of our solutions are transferable. So if you wish to opt for an outsourced solution initially and discover that your business needs change, we can ensure all data is protected and access can subsequently be invoked as a hosted solution and vice versa.

The consultants that we work with have many years of experience within the Health & Safety industry and are able to offer expert inspections, training and advice in many areas such as:

Risk Assessment
Hazard Analysis
Food Hygiene
Environmental Health
Legionella Control
Swimming Pool Safety
Fire Safety
Food Safety

So if you or your business would like to know more about our outsource solutions please get in touch today.