Project development
A critical stage in carrying out all software development projects. This section consists of various project stages, with defined deliverables to ensure effective project control. This enables us to achieve innovative software solutions that meet your business goals/objectives.

System analysis
In order for a system to achieve the requirement, it must be able to sit within the business and operate in line with the business strategies. In order to understand how the computer system should operate, we perform systems analysis using both our knowledge and the knowledge of our customers.

System design
We will build a prototype model of the user interface - so that you can see exactly how your system will look. We also produce technical specifications of the system architecture and the database. With opportunities for face to face meetings we can ensure the systems are delivered to meet your exacting standards.

Our current programming techniques include:SQL, Visual Basic, Java, and scripting Active Server Pages. Using a team of dedicated programmers we have the ability to develop our software using the latest methods.

Our customers consistently rate us on our highly reliable and bug-free software. We achieve this by compiling and completing thorough end to end testing based around each individual system. All programs are ‘code-stepped’ by the programmer. This means that they are executed one line at a time - while the programmer watches the values of data variables. The system is then ‘user’ tested, using carefully designed test cases to ensure that all aspects function correctly. Any issues can then be addressed before live delivery.

Every system is fully documented by IMS and our customers. Written specifications are produced as required in order to detail functionality etc. A ‘user’ manual will be written and provided in order to ensure full understanding is achieved. We also link these to our hosted application so ‘users’ can access help files whilst in the application.

Rollout and Training
Rollout and training are carefully planned to ensure a smooth transition to live operation. We avoid problems with converting live data, by doing trial runs during the system design. Once the system is ready to go live we will arrange the necessary training with you to coincide with delivery. Subsequent training can be provided by request.

Software maintenance
We provide ongoing software maintenance for the systems that we develop. This allows any problems to be resolved and minor changes to be done. Larger changes that are outside the scope of maintenance can also be administered as separate projects.